We are VOLUNTEER driven!

Join us and play an important role in your community! Our volunteer drivers and volunteer companions play a vital role in building a healthy, inclusive community. Our office volunteers and bingo volunteers support this work with their generous contributions of time and energy. People without access to transportation need to be connected and have access to programs and services, social outings and health appointments.

We are there to help make this happen.
Carole-Anne Moyer
Volunteer Companion

“In the past 3 years or more, I have had the pleasure of volunteering with Community Reach, which began with wanting to give back to the community in my retirement years. I began as a “travel companion” for people with long-distance and in-town medical rides. It was very rewarding as the trust and gratitude shown by our riders grew with every trip. Soon I was also assisting office staff with clerical work.

Community Reach offers a wonderful non-profit service to the community and the staff and drivers are an amazing group to work with. I’m truly pleased to be part of this vital operation.”

Rick Ellis
Volunteer Driver

My name is Rick and I joined Community Reach in 2002 as a volunteer for their charity bingo. I became interested in their Volunteer Driver program TLC since I enjoy driving and helping people in our community.

They provided all the training I required and I get to travel to new destinations for medical appointments as well as I get to take people to local spots for things like shopping or adult day programs. The result is I have gained a sense of community involvement.

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